Saturday, April 26, 2008

It has been a long time since my last post

I am done with IEPs. YAHOO!! I was very happy how everything went. My parents and students are happy, so life is good. I kinda told my family that life was on hold until they were done. So life can start back up for us. We have been asked to be apart of a youth group starting this fall. We are very excited!  Jude and I will do this together and explore our faith more deeply with our youth.

Jude hosted two very great events and everything went as planned. He has lots of great friends to help him out and support him, so he is very grateful. He is busy with camps and planning more events,  so watch everyone the wheels are spinning.

Shaina and Monica will be  graduating from BG next weekend. YEAH for them it has been a long 4 years. Shai has started interviewing for jobs very aggressively. She is a woman on a mission.  Shai and Jonathan are still researching their plans for the wedding. I know they are thinking the end of May or first of June , 2009. They want a destination wedding, which I think is very romantic.

Bryce and Monica are getting married at St. Mary's. The date is Aug. 8, 2009. They are still looking for a place for the reception, which is good for both families.  They will be moving to the Lorain/Cleveland area in June.  Bryce and Monica will be  looking for jobs in that area. 

WE have lots of  wonderful things happening in our lives. Officially Jude and I will be legitimate empty nesters come June. But remember we have Jack and Zoey  and they keep life interesting. That's all folks!!

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Monica said...

Ahh! I made a blog!! But I don't know how to add people...could you add me, please? Thanks! Love ya!