Friday, April 4, 2008

Aunt Marilyn, Dec. 5, 1924 - April 3, 2008

A good idea
that is not shared with others
will gradually fade away
and bear no fruit,
but when it is shared
it lives forever
because it is passed on
from one person to another
and grows as it goes.
Lowell Fillmore

This inspirational quote I found inspired me and got me thinking about Marilyn. Why, because I think she passed on some wonderful ideas with all of us in her actions and words. First, family. Marylin and Eloise would always be there,  for family. All we had to do is ask. If that meant babysitting, going on trips,  fan support, picnics down on Shoreline Park, picking kids up at school, sharing stories about her mom and dad, and just being there for all the family. Second, LOVE,  she loved her family and church very much. Third, Giving, if that meant her time, her church or family, she gave it her all.Marylin shared herself with family and we are quite blessed to have her impact on our lives.   Humor, Marilyn always had a smile, laughter and stories to share with us, which would make us smile or laugh.We will miss, Marilyn, but know and understand she left behind beneficial ideas or lessons we should always cherish and she will always be in our hearts, Love you, Marilyn.

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