Friday, May 30, 2008

The 12 month sweater

OMG, I am now on the sleeves, it is actually looking like a sweater. Henry and I are at the same place and we are quite pleased with ourselves. We meet with our knitting friends at Borders every Thursday evening.  Each time there is about 8 -12 of us. Jo and Marsha are our knitting guru's and help us stay on track. It is soo much fun getting together with them. The cafe brings us out samples of cake and drinks. I have found a new green tea with raspberry flavoring frozen drink, it is awesome and it has a whipped cream topping. The girls working there made it up, I am telling you it is sooo good. I have found a new author to read, Debbie Macomber. It is romance but a story line with knitting involved. All the girls say she, really draws you in to the story. I can't wait i have missed reading. With work I just don't read like I would want to. Of course it is the same as knitting once you start you don't want to put it down and other things fall to the wayside. But it is almost summer break and my time to read. YAHOO!!!!! Everybody have a GREAT WEEKEND and enjoy!!!

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Therese said...

Hey Shelly-can you post a picture of your sweater-in-progress? I would like to see it :)