Saturday, June 14, 2008

Random Thougths

1. Can you believe it? Jude has his 30th class reunion in August. Where has the time gone?

2. Bryce's birthday is June 16th and he will be 25 years old. Let's all remember our children are getting older not us.

3.  I really loved my job At PHS this year. I really did not need a summer break. But, now that I am on vacation, I am going to enjoy reading, knitting and visiting with Shai. I have already finished my first book, The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie MaComber. I really liked it.

4. We are leaving on Weds and I want to take Zoey. Bryce tells me I need counseling because I must be wacky to take the dog. Now you tell me how can I leave her? See the picture, isn't she adorable. Zoey is my buddy

5. Here is the picture of my sweater. I now have the sleeves on but ran out of yarn. So I have placed the order and it is on its way so I can finish the collar. I found some really pretty glass buttons. Yes it looks home- made. I did not say I was the best knitter, but I am learning.

6. Who do you believe in the Nuesse vs city manager? I want  the mature adult,  to step up to the plate, and admit they are wrong and fix this mess. In my opinion the men (police, commissioners and city manager) can't handle a woman being in charge. Gentlemen, it is the 21st century, lets move into it.

7. The marina district, what's up? You know it was to good to be true. You have to know the developers were only looking out for themselves.

8. And why I am on a roll. What about the Chesapeake condos? Can we all say landscaping, PLEASE and soon???

9. HOT! This heat is driving me crazy. I am getting too old for it. Yes, I know buy an air conditioner. Someone talk to Jude.

10. Although I ranted and raved the last few things on my list, everything is good, but I just had to get that out about the city stuff.

PS I did not realize that my settings were limiting who could post. So FYI, I changed it and even anonymous people can post. SORRY I have told you before I am technology challenged. 
Have a GREAT DAY!!

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