Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cami is home

               Here is Cami and her dad. She looks SO much better than she did on Thursday. She is home, but quarentined within the house. We have to watch the other two, but I am confident they will be okay. They are up to date with shots, but anything can happen. Cami is on a special diet for a couple of days, but gobbles up her food very fast, She is peppy and looks good. She has lost some weight, but I think in no time she will be back to  her original weight in no time. 
So thanks for the prayers, everyone.
In other news, Shai is home in 6 days. We have lots of things to get done. Get a price on rooms for the wedding. Fit a bridesmaid. Find centerpieces. Otherwise Jonathan and Shai are in charge of making the decisions. I am so impressed with them both on how they are working together on their wedding. I am just watching from the sidelines.
I only have 2 weeks of summer vacation. This summer went fast. We have been fortunate to go out in Rick and Kim's boat a couple times this summer. Here are some pictures from the last trip to Kelley's with them, Mom and Roger . It was a beautiful evening, but when we were leaving a storm was kicking up on the lake.

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