Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's August

It seems that June and July was very quiet but August is filled with lots of things to do. I am anticipating going back to school and I can say I can't wait! Moving to Perkins has been such a positive move for me. I have come to realize how much I like HS students, which is pretty amazing for me. I always like the little dudes a lot. The Language program has gotten lots of great reviews from parents and teachers.   Western Reserve teachers came to school to talk to me about the program and now are ready to jump right in to the program for their kiddos. So I have to say Perkins did a nice job finding a program for their students.

I have a conference in Toledo 3 days next week on assessments, so I am excited to learn new things. Plus Perkins is really aggressively looking at a serious technology plan for the district. Mr. Gunner was a positive choice for Perkins.

Shaina is coming home August 16th through August 23rd. I don't think I have to say how excited we are to have her home. Jonathan is traveling to Canada for a camp. He has been busy looking for a team. He has a few possibilities.

Bryce and Mon are good. They were fortunate enough to see Obama on Tues at Baldwin Wallace. Bryce said he was 3 rows away from the stage and felt very inspired after his speech. The man is a wonderful speaker. He has lots of pictures.

Well that's it for today and yes the stitches are out! Have great day and enjoy!

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