Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A new address

Finally, we are in our new home in Cold Creek Crossing. It is beautiful and has lots of room. We have been constantly busy every night running errands, moving, buying household items, packing and unpacking .  We have 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a full finished basement. It is very roomy. so we are official empty nesters living on our own. Jack and Zoey are adjusting. I think they think like me. I keep questioning myself, is this real?  Are you sure your not at a hotel? I have a nice neighborhood to walk in, but on Tuesday morning, Zoey spotted the coyote in the neighborhood and he was watching and following us. Needless to say we went straight home. Everything was well with the wait.

7 days till we see Shaina and Jonathan. I can hardly wait to see them. Things seem to be falling into place. I picked up my dress tonight and I really like it. It is turquoise, my grams favorite color. My sister, Rick, Mom& Roger. Jude, Bryce, Monica and I will be staying for a week after the wedding in a house my sister rented. Shai and Jonathan are staying longer so they can visit with Jonathan's family and us. Good times in Florida.

2 days and school is out for the summer. It has been a good year and next year will prove to be a very exciting adventure for the teachers and students. Until then I need to be done to get ready for the first wedding. 

Jude is having a second procedure on his back this Thursday. It will b more medicine, and cauterizing a nerve. WE are getting him in shape to walk Shai down the isle at the beach.

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