Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last minute details and being Thankful

WOW, Christmas is almost here and I have so much to finish up. so today is marathon day. Sorry Heidi that does not mean I am running. I thought I was ahead of the game but not true. Cookies are not done, cards are not being sent. so Happy Holidays from us. New job, tutoring and staying up with laundry for four adults to much for me. And if you read my last post I am very consumed with my job, which I LOVE, just busy. It is hard to believe it is going this fast. You can tell you are getting older when you children start spending more time away during holidays with their boyfriend and girlfriend. But that is OK it is part of the process of life. Plus bonus, we have two new wonderful people in our lives and I cherish and love them both very much. As a mom you daydream what you want for your kids and what you think the need and deserve(cause they are two wonderful adults) and suddenly the introduce you to who they have chosen and you just say YAHOO jackpot! We are blessed in so many ways, family who are there to help us through the rough times, family who love us, my girlfriends( who are my therapy each day at 6:00 am walking), two jobs we love, two loving,great, compassionate and hard working children Bryce and Shaina. They are now adults. Our other two family members Jonathan, Monica. We did not have to move away from family TO PA . My new cuddle pal Zoey. The zoo Jack and Zeke, new addition Oliver (although I am enjoying the fact my ornaments are staying on the tree, with Ollie visiting Jonathan). Being married to a awesome, loving, my best friend and my husband, Jude. I can't say it enough Life is good! Take care to all, enjoy the holiday and all the special moments it will bring.

PS Love and Prayers to John Schriener (our nephew and wonderful person) and Ben Smith (awesome singer and young man) who are over in Iraq at Christmas time. Thank-you for all you to do to keep are country safe. Happy Holidays gentleman, we keep you close in our prayers and can't wait till you home with your families.

PSS To Joe and Krisan and family. We are so happy and thankful for Joe's recovery and send you special holiday wishes and prayers. The Roth's

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