Monday, December 31, 2007

Witcita Visit

Hi Everyone from Witchita! WOW it is so nice here. It is a nice town.It is one of the top ten best cities to live in and #1 least expensive places to live. It is in the building mode, filled with lots of shopping and wonderful places to eat. WE have eaten so healthy here. When the offer you sides you can have steamed veggies, instead of fries. Go figure. There is two awesome deli's here, Jason's and Manchester's. Good food. We have seen two hockey games and tonight we see another tonight for New Years Eve. What is even better Jonathan will be the goalie. GO THUNDER! Jude and I have learned about hockey with Greg's help. We have anew respect for the game. It is even better when you know the players. I am going to take lots of pictures of our future son in law, with my new camera. WE had a two great meals at the Red Rock Canyon Grill. You know how it is when something so good you go back. We had dinner with Jonathan's parents(Greg & Miriam), Mark & Stephanie, Chris & Natalie (Jonathan & Shai's friends & team mates) to toast Jonathan and Shaina's engagement. It was a great night, filled with lots of laughs, great food and toasts. Greg, made Shai and me cry with such a touching toast. I didn't want the evening to end. I have been doing lots of observing of Shaina and she is so happy and in love with Jonathan. They belong together. What is even better he gets Shai. They have thought everything out. Jonathan is very good about researching things out. They know they need to wait until the summer 2009 (July) to get married. Shai wants to get a good start on grad school, make some money and be able to make good decisions she and Jonathan want for their special day. I adored Jonathan before but meeting his parents and being here I am totally taken with him and know he is the gentleman that Shaina belongs with. Greg and Miriam are the greatest. Miriam is so funny and we have become fast friends. She is very petite,beautiful and a wonderful sense of humor. Greg is so generous and you can tell by his interactions with Jonathan, how much respect Jonathan has for his father. I have always thought you can tell a lot about a young man, by watching how he treats his mother and Jonathan and his mom are so neat together. They tease each other very lovingly. It has been a great visit. I think you can tell with all my gushing about our families, trip and Shaina and Jonathon's wonderful news.

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Jacki said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love watching hockey, and seriously don't know how those goalies do it. Talk about lightning-fast reflexes.

Have fun!