Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's been along time since my last post

Well, where to start.Shai dropped the bomb of moving to Witchita over the phone 2 days before she was to come home. We had her come home to talk it over and work out all the loose ends. AS I have told her before the "squeaky wheel gets oiled" She was able to pull off having BG accept her last two classes being completed at Witchita State. Plus two classes she will take online through BG. so she will graduate on time in May. So she packed up her bags and moved To Witchita( 13 hours away). But I must let go and I did. As it worked out she was home for her Dad's Hall of Fame induction. It was a wonderful day and I was so proud of Bryce's introduction and as alwasy very proud to be Jude's wife. His speech was very good and brought us to tears at the end. He had a moving toast to the two men he misses very much: his Dad "Dale"Butch" Roth and Jim Stookey. Two wonderful people who blessed and touched our lives. Below are some nice pictures that captured the day. Congratulations Jude (sweetie) we are very proud of you. You are very deserving of the honor. Thanks to ALL Jude's family that attended, it was very nice and I know Jude was touched by your presence. Thanks, Therese for the pictures.

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