Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good and Bad News

Well, we got wonderful news that our nephew is home from Iraq. It is so wonderful how good news travel thorough our blogs. We are so excited for Jackie to have her husband back in her arms. Other news, Jonathan is now the main goalie for his team and Shai is happy living in Wichita, taking classes and on the brink of getting a job in Witchita. So lots of good news

Now the bad news, at our home we have had a big blow to our family. Jude works at home. Today, Zeke our dog collapsed at home and couldn't move. Jude was able to get him to the vet. Our beloved dog, Zeke, had a stroke and we found out he had a tumor in his abdomen. So we had to make a tough decision to make. Zeke couldn't walk and was not acting like we know him, So Jude and I held him close while the Dr. put him to sleep. We believe he is is no pain and more comfortable. We remember his feisty "all about me attitude", but mostly he was such a loving dog. We feel sad right now and a huge void around the house. Jack and Zoey are little confused. So, every body give your dogs, extra hug for us and appreciate their companionship.

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Heidi said...

So sorry to hear your sad news. Although I deal with your situation on a normal day-to-day basis it's still not easy when it's your own personal companion. I do dread the day when I must put one of ours down. As you said though, he is now free of pain and there is no suffering. I always say they're up in Heaven running around having a good ol' time. You watched over him, now it's his turn to watch over you =) Hang in there.