Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching up

Work ,work and more work. It seems Jude is really busy with his job and spends many hours on the computer. He is a computer hog. Junior High State is right around the corner. So I do not get post as much and I would like. Things are busy at school, parent teacher conferences, extra meetings, IEP's around the corner and science tests to modify. But as I said before, I really Love my new job. I have a great support from the other intervention teachers and the students are great. Plus I have my Zoey to relieve any stress.Henry and I are taking a knitting class at Sandusky High. I am almost done with knitting my sweater and purse. Now i just have to felt it. Knitting is my obsession right now. Also, Henry, Pammy and I still walk in the morning. They are so much fun. But we are starting to be a little more timid about the weather. For example, Monday, way to COLD for me. I really want to do more 5k walks this spring and summer. That is my goal.

Bryce is working long stressful hours. I don't think he realizes what an impact he makes. It is a thankless job. Monica comes to see us every other weekend, so it's nice having her around. Monica is a real treasure and we love her a lot.

Shai and Jonathan moved into their own apartment. Ollie was sick for a few days, but is doing much better. Shai started her new job today at the bank and still is taking BG classes online. Jonathan's team has been doing a lot of trading, so maybe things will be looking up for the Thunder. Boy I miss those two!

Jack and Zoey are still adjusting not having Zeke around. Zoey is quite fiesty lately. But she is quite the love bug.

Well that's all folks! We didn't claim to be an exciting bunch.

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