Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It has been a looong time since my last post

We are a simple people so not much to report. The main theme in our house is work. Jude just finished up the Junior High District and it was a great success. This does not happen without great friends who devoted time to work this past weekend. Jude writes:

Dear Friends,
To everyone who had so graciously volunteered their time this past weekend and throughout the days, weeks or months leading up this past weekend I would like to express my most sincere thanks. The OAC and I are most grateful for your generosity. The tournament ran extremely well and there have been many compliments sent to me via email and on wrestling internet message boards. This could not have happened without your efforts. Unfortunately I do not have everyone’s email address and if you know someone’s email address that is not included here can you please send it to me so I can thank them as well. On another note, although I do not expect any of you to be available for helping with the Grade School Tournament in two weeks if you are able or planning on working this event, please let me know ASAP! We are in need of some more help so if you can please do. Thanks again.


We now have the Grade School the end of the month. No rest for the weary. I keep telling my husband my state tournament is coming up, with the IEP season on my heels. These are educational plans for my students. It is like writing a 3 to 4 page essays about my kids with goals for the next school year. It is the only way I think he will understand how important it is for me, if I compare it to wrestling.

Shai and Jonathan are in Wichita. The hockey season is almost done. I think Jonathan needs a break. Shai is working at the bank and they said they would give her a leave of absence so she can come home and finish her last 2 classes at BG in the first summer session. Then maybe we can start making plans for their wedding. I am so excited for them. Oh yes, they just adopted a new dog. His name is Brady Joe

Bryce and Monica are talking about moving to Cleveland. Bryce is starting to apply for jobs in the area. Mon will graduate in May. How exciting for them. Monica is on the final countdown for school being done. They are talking about grad school.

I just feel we are blessed. We are so proud of Bryce, Shaina, Monica and Jonathan. We are family. It feels so nice to say that, because Monica and Jonathan complete our family.

Well I must sign off, cause Zoey wants my attention.  And you know, "it is all about Zoey" 

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