Monday, July 28, 2008

Dangerous in the kitchen

Well the verdict is in, I am a danger to myself. I was cutting tomatoes and I sliced my thumb instead of the tomato. I thought it was okay, Jude said I needed stitches. Well I consulted with my sister in law and she agreed with Jude. So I did and the doc said I did a nice job and he stitched it up with 6 stitches. Well I guess that means no dishes and wash for a while, OH darn! Do you think I can get away with that. Can't blame a girl for trying.


Monica said...

Ohh no! Bryce didn't tell me this...I hope you and your thumb are okay!! :(

saroth said...

I am fine. Just suffering from stupidity and I know now, my new knives are sharp! I am healing up nice. Thanks for the note.