Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It has been a loooong time since my last post

Yes we are all still alive in the Roth homestead. School has started and it seems the days just fly by. Perkins is getting ready to switch to the Mac system and I am apart of the technology committee that is helping with this process. It is so exciting and I am getting to know more staff this way. I am still knitting but having some difficulties with my shrug. I have been able to get down to just one or two projects going on at the same time. I have also come to the conclusion that Zoey needs to go back to school. She thinks she is the alpha, so we need to adjust that a little. She seems to be a little to attached to me, especially at night. So when Jude comes near me, she growls at him and nips at him if he tries to touch me. I find it quite sweet but Jude is not liking it that much!!! 

Shai and Jonathan are in the process of packing and getting ready to move. Jonathan has camp the end of the month, then we will know. We are just very happy , that Jonathan will be able to play the sport he loves. Shai doesn't mind moving and is very organized.  

Thats all folks!!!

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