Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Refreshed and Inspired

You know how sometimes you get in a rut or doubt things or just feel like something is missing. Well this is how I have been feeling lately. But that has changed since attending a conference of Brain Based Learning with Dr. Marcia Tate. She is  awesome and ROCKS. She taught us so much in one day. She inspired us to look at things differently, challenged us to change the way we teach. Use laughter, music, have positive expectations, students talking about content, students moving. It was just so re-affirming to know that I have been doing some of this stuff already. I do like music and try to sing, but then I am reminded that one of my former students always reminded me "Mrs. Roth you can't sing".   This conference was time very well spent. Here is some other important information I learned and think it is worth sharing:
1. Laughter can add 8 years of life.
2. Your brain weighs 3lbs.
3. 1 neuron has 6000 dendrites
4. Stress is the no#1 reason for aging
5. The brain can hold seven isolated bits of information in short term memory
6. Music helps memory
7. Students need affirmation
8. Be more positive than negative.
9. The brain remembers when a lesson has activity attached to it.
10. Teaching is fun!!!

I guess I really rambled here about this conference.  I am just so pumped up from this day and wanted to share  my excitement about what I learned.  I am pumped  TO TRY ALL information, Mrs. Tate gave us. Everybody have  great day. love and prayers, me 

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