Monday, December 29, 2008

Having Fun in Shreveport

Shaina and Jonathan are good. We are having a wonderful visit with them. Jonathan's team still has 3 goalies, but the bonus is Jonathan has a contract. so as of right now he is on the injured reserve list, which turned out good for us. He had time to visit with us and his parents, Greg and Miriam, while the team traveled to Texas and Mississippi. We did go to a game on the 26th at Centel Arena. The team played Corpus Cristi and there was a bench clearing brawl. Unbelievable, they had to go to a 15 minute intermission to sort the whole mess out. The end result was 4 of Jonathan's team mates were suspended 1 -4 games based on the severity of the fighting. There are about 5 different casino's in this town, We ate at the Boomtown buffet, it was so good. Lots of food. It has been a real nice visit and I am so glad we now have the time to travel to see Shaina. We have talked about wedding plans and got some things decided. I think the time will fly now till the wedding. That is it for now, just really enjoying the time alone with Jude and our visit with our favorite daughter and fiance.

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