Friday, December 26, 2008

Long Day

Where do I begin?.  I had the perfect day planned, we leave early from home and will be in Shreveport by 11:30 am, celebrating Christmas with Shai, Jonathan, Miriam and Greg. WRONG! Jude and I got to Cleveland Hopkins at 6:25 am our flight would leave at 7:25 am. Who travels on Christmas Day? Oh yeah us and about more than a dozen people in the NW line. So now I am going to not make my flight, with trying to check in and security. No worries our flight was delayed till 8:40 am. Good, no problem.  Yes problem, our connecting out of Memphis leaves at (9:50 am) so we had to find another flight out of Memphis to Shreveport. Found it, leaves at 2:40 pm. Checked in, security was a breeze. Now we wait and wait. The plane finally comes at 9:10 am, we leave at 9:40 am, get to Memphis at 11:50 am. Then we eat and wait and have to listen to this snotty teenage girl on her cell phone, talking insensibly rude and loud. Very irritating! Jude said, he would of "kicked her to the curb". The next flight was on time and we arrived in Shreveport at 4:00 pm. Now here comes an episode out of Seinfeld, I made the reservation for a car at 11:00 am but delays got us in at 4:00, so "anybody can take the reservation" but "the key is holding the reservation" Enough said! Enterprise can't hold the reservation. Our car is not there.  We had to have Shai pick us up.  Hopefully we have a car, later today. Fun times. Really it wasn't bad just kinda funny when you think about it.  I got one scarf done, bonus.  We still get to visit with the kids, so life is good. Other people in the NW line missed  other flights which in turned they missed their cruises. So our story is not that bad. I think you need to have a good sense of humor and patience, when  traveling. I felt sorry for the travel workers, having people yelling at them and missing Christmas with their familiesEveryone have a good day. Bye for now.

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