Saturday, December 13, 2008

Technology is good

Perkins Schools is on the ground floor of making big changes in technology and I am so proud to be apart of it.  I have been at technology training for 2 days and WOW have I been amazed. I learning how to design a web page, make a movie, IDVD, slide shows and use garage band. MacBooks are so amazing. After going to these trainings I realize how technology savvy I am not, BUT I am willing to learn if someone has the patience. All the tricks I learned today, will make teaching and learning so exciting and rewarding for teachers and students.

Family update: Shai and Jonathan are in Sherevport, LA. For how long we don't know. Shai is working two jobs, Ruby Tuesdays and the bank. Jonathan is up for Player of the Week.  He had a shut out win a week ago. You can vote for him on the CHL page. Bryce is still working at Firelands but looking around for something new. Monica just got done with her first semester at Ashland. Cami, is not kind to my christmas decorations or my yarn. 

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