Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Holding Pattern

Jude and I are in a holding pattern. You may or may not know,  but recently Sandusky had a new map made for flood planes. We were told by our banks surveyor, the condo is in a flood plane. The people(bank) selling the condo say they are not. They told us they would pay the flood insurance, so we could go ahead with the sale and then prove it is not. Jude and I say  "No, you prove we are not in the flood plane, then we buy."  We do not want to buy in a flood plane: #1 flood insurance is anywhere between $1200 to #1500 a year, that is triple the normal amount of house insurance. #2 What if we ever sold, who is going to buy in a flood plane. We are waiting for them to contact FEMA and prove it is not in the flood plane. That is our story. I knew once I told people about the condo, I jinxed us.

Other updates: I am traveling to Kentucky next weekend to a STEM conference for school. On April 16th - 19th, I am going to traveling to Johnstown, Iowa, to an Apple one to one training. Perkins is progressively pursuing lots of innovative plans for the district. The teachers have to be ready to embrace the challenge and gather lots of information. I am really excited about these opportunities.

We had the Jr. High State Wrestling tournament this past weekend. It was a long for the workers but a great weekend of wrestling. Jude has done a great job in planning this event.  I am so proud of him. He has put lots of time into his job and made sure all the t's were crossed and i's were dotted. These events have shown growth from last year to this year, all due to Jude's behind the scenes work. We  now have grade school this weekend and we will travel back to Marion for round two. 

Shai and Jonathan are great. Jonathan's team has earned a spot in the CHL playoffs. We are all getting excited about the wedding and invites should be in the mail real soon.
Bryce and Monica have made changes to the wedding planning and have some things in the works, which is theirs to tell.

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