Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am now a Delicious member. I am still learning how to get around the site and how to use it. It was fun putting all the sites I have in one place. Since Perkins is moving quickly into more technology I have made it my mission to collect as many sites to help me learn more about technology.  One thing I have found, teachers like to share their ideas. I love teaching.

Still waiting on the condo. Patience is a virtue.

If you haven't heard Bryce and Mon have bought a house on Fifth St. They have a lot to do, but they have the time to do it they way want it. They are moving a pretty good pace. It is going to be very nice and they have a yard for Cami.

Shai and Jonathan are still in Shreveport, awaiting to hear about their house. It is very beautiful with a big yard and close to her wonderful in-laws. Plus a room for Jude and I to visit. Now that is what I am talking about.

Thats all for now!!

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