Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wonderful Vacation

Our vacation is over. It has been the most fun and relaxing trip ever. Most importantly I feel so satisfied that we were able to give Shaina and Jonathan a beautiful and memorable wedding day.  I know I am the mother but it was truly a wonderful day, Yes it was hot but we had a nice breeze on the beach.  When you saw Shaina and Jonathan together and how they smiled at each other, nothing else mattered.  My heart just melted with love for them both. Shaina and Jonathan had every detail taken care of. They picked out the most beautiful songs that expressed their love for each other. As a mom you couldn't  of envisioned it any better. It was a day filled with love and happiness. Shaina surprised me and ask that both Jude and I walk her to Jonathan and then Greg (Jonathan's dad) asked that we sit together as parents. Our two families have blended so well together and that is all because of Shai and Jonathan. I have to say we had a wonderful party. It was so great, we had our friends and family from Ohio, Miriam's family from England (four), Canada, friends and family from Wichita, Louisiana, wedding party from Canada, and we ate and danced until 11:30 and then met up at the bar afterwards for drinks. Everyone enjoyed and lived in that moment like we were all old friends. It was the most amazing and wonderful day ever!! And I leave you with one of the best photos of Jude and Jonathan, that says it all to me about how much Jonathan means to us. A  picture is worth a thousand words.

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